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Masonic Members

Four classmates were recently recognized for their lengthy Masonic Memberships.
  • Long Time Masons
    Long Time Masons
Richard Pearson, 29 years; James Walton, 60 years, Marion Futhey, 60 years, and Larry Young, 59 years.

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Rich & Paula Visit L. C. Crouch

Richard and Paula Pearson were in Topeka on business last week and had the opportunity to visit with former Superintendent L. C. Crouch, and his wife, Betty. They reside in Topeka and were very excited to have Rich & Paula stop by for a visit. They are in pretty good condition considering he is eighty-eight and she is almost eighty-five. They remember the class of '55 well and spoke highly of the class and of the Rose Hill community.
  • L. C. talks with Rich.
    L. C. talks with Rich.
  • L. C., Betty, and Rich.
    L. C., Betty, and Rich.

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Paula Pearson's Dad Passes

Paula Pearson's dad, Paul E. Moore, died on July 11, 2010. Our condolences go out to Paula, Richard, and all the family. Classmates Larry & Ann Young, Marion Futhey, Dick Albright, and Don & Charlene Davis went to the funeral in Howard, Kansas.

A Pearson Wins The Lottery!

No it was not Richard or Paula, but their sister-in-law, Jane Pearson, of Redding, CA. She and her 14 co-workers from the Shasta Lake Middle School are WINNERS of the $76 million California Lottery!!! Jane is a petite, brown-haired, big brown-eyed 60 something year old who has worked in the Special Education deptartment for many, many years. Each fall they pool their $104 contribution and play the same numbers every week. It's nice to know that real people do win.

3 Guys Swap Tales

Don Davis, Marion Futhey, and Rich Peasron gathered for breakfast and story-telling at the Triangle Restaurant in Douglass. No report is available on just what was discussed, but we're sure it was consequential!

God's blessings to all in 2009 from our "reporter" Paula Pearson.
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