Rose Hill Class of 1955 Rose Hill, Kansas

1995 - 40 Years

May 27, 1985

Who Was There

1. Dick Albright
2. Wayne Bacon
3. Jack Carr
4. Lewis Cross
5. Don Davis
6. Billy Dunnell
7. Marion Futhey
8. Josephine Lanzrath
9. Rich Pearson
10. Jack Phillips
11. Mary Rogers
12. Vern Timmons
13. James Walton
14. Larry Webster
15. Cecilia Young
16. Larry Young

Here are a few pictures taken at Marion Futhey's house. Click for a larger image and description.

  • Marion's House
    Back row: Billy Dunnell, Vern Timmons, Don Davis, Josephine Lanzrath, Dick Albright, Larry Webster, Jack Carr, & Jack Phillips. Middle row: James Walton, Marion Futhey, Mary Rogers, & Wayne Bacon. Front row: Larry Young, Cecila Young, Rich Pearson & Lewis Cross.
  • Marion's House
    Wayne Bacon, Ray Young, and Larry Young.
  • Marion's House
    Lewis Cross & Jack Carr.
  • Marion's House
    Larry Webster, Vern Timmons, Billy Dunnell, and Marion Futhey.
  • Marion's House
    Don Davis, James Walton, and Richard Pearson.