Rose Hill Class of 1955 Rose Hill, Kansas

James Walton

Graduation seems like just a short time ago, so how could so many things happen to all of us in such a small amount of time? For myself, I give God the credit for watching over me all these years even though I did crazy things and didn't deserve His protection. It just shows how much He loves us.

I started working at Boeing in early '56 in the Computing Department, which proved to be a fun job for 38 years. I retired from Boeing in '94. During my time at Boeing, I met and married Carol in '62. We had a son, Lance in '64 and a daughter, Damona in '66. They are both married and live close by. Lance has 2 daughters and a son.

My favorite hobbies have always been hunting and fishing, however, I enjoy just being outdoors. For the last 7 years our grandchildren have become a priority in our lives. Living close together has allowed us to maintain a close relationship with our kids and grand kids, which has been a blessing. We traveled a lot when the kids were home and never found anyplace that suited us any better than right here. Hot windy summers, bitter cold winters with spring and fall ranging somewhere between the two extremes. All this with many fantastically beautiful days interspersed throughout. We've seen and done a lot, so an occasional trip satisfies our wanderlust.

50 years later, in 2005, we enjoy life on Walton's Prairie. We are in good health, involved with our Church and have a weekly family dinner to keep up with all our busy lives. We are blessed beyond measure and desire the same for you.

  • James Walton
    James Walton
    All dressed up.
  • 1964 Austin Healey.
    1964 Austin Healey.
    Jim's stress reliever.

March 27, 2010 Update: In Jim's own words...

"I had a little surgical procedure on Tuesday and was pretty much knocked out the rest of the day. Wednesday was a pretty good day, not too much pain and Thursday was even better. They removed most of the tubes and hardware and I ended the day feeling very good. Friday was even better, hurt to cough and if I moved my right arm to the limit up or sideways there was mild pain, probably from the cracked rib.

It was cancer in the upper right lung and was completely encapsulated in that area. The upper half of that lung was removed. Some nodules were also removed and only one tested positive, however it also was completely enclosed in the material he removed, so the surgeon was not concerned. Follow up in a month. Not expecting any further treatment.

I am home and have some pain pills if I need them. Oh yes, they broke a rib during the procedure (they told me beforehand that might happen) so I suspect most of the pain is from the rib when I move my arm. Still no pain, but I do have limits on driving and lifting. So much to do and places to go and they tied me to my chair!!!!!""

August 23, 2010 Update: In Jim's own words...

"JOURNEYS END & BACK TO LIFE. I had my last chemo treatment 3 weeks ago and my oncologist released me today. I do go back in 4 months for a checkup and to help pay his salary, otherwise I am "MOVIN' ON"!!

Thank you LORD!!"
November 9, 2011 Update: Jim says everything is "Coming up Roses."

"I have had a couple of checkups since my chemo and am clear/clean (whatever). This year started off with six Grandchildren. In April, that number grew to 11, with Daughter (Jeff & Damona adopting 5 brothers. This past weekend the oldest Granddaughter married a fine young man, so, now I am claiming an even dozen grandkids."

"Carol and I are doing fine and busy as usual."
Carol Walton

James' wife, Carol, died on June 30, 2017. Service details are in the obituary posted by Smith Family Mortuary in Mulvane. A pdf copy of the obituary is here.

  • James gets recognition.
    James gets recognition.
    A Mason for 60 years.

In August 2018 four classmates were recognized for their long-term Masonic Membership. Shown above are Richard Pearson, 29 years; James Walton, 60 years, Marion Futhey, 60 years, and Larry Young, 59 years.

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