Rose Hill Class of 1955 Rose Hill, Kansas

Marilyn (Barr) VanDeventer

1937 - March 2016

(The following is Marilyn's letter in 2000.)

Hello to everyone, I wish I could write something exciting but I am like Byron, a workaholic and very boring.

I moved to Denver from Wichita in July 1959 and worked for Martin Marietta until January 1, 1964. My parents bought an 18 unit apartment building in Las Vegas, Nevada and sent me ahead to run it until they could liquidate things in Indian Hills, Colorado. I then went to work for Kelly Girl and tried a lot of things including working for a Modeling Agency. That is when I met my second husband, Michael VanDeventer. We were married in three months and I went on to many different professions during the next couple of years. Then I had the surprise of my life; my fourth son was born! The apple of my eye and the one I live with now in Park City, Utah. My husband and I opened our own business in 1971, a fireplace shop. We did quite well in that until 1983. He became Potentate of Zelzh Shrine Temple and I was running the fireplace shop, Shrine wife and selling real estate. I had gotten my real estate license in 1976 for a part time job. Ha!

The boys graduated in 1975 and Michael in 1985. Monte (#1), Martin (#2) and Mitchell Dean (#3) are living in Las Vegas. I have two granddaughters, three grandsons and a great grand baby coming in March.

I am in Park City because my mother has Alzheimer's and I came here to have help from Michael, number four son. I had to put mother in a home shortly after arriving here. The move was a bad thing for her but a good thing for my mental health.

I miss Vegas and the other kids but it is so quiet here. It is very expensive to live here. I work 60 to 70 hours a week just to survive. It is a rich man's play ground, however, I have never met a rich man! Ha!

If I am still alive in five years I will come to our 50th Anniversary, or better yet, you all come here! Except I plan on retiring in Costa Rice in the next two to five years, Lord willing. Write, call or come by if you get to Salt Lake. I have a big house and you are all welcome anytime.

Love, Marilyn

May 2005 update:
I hope that you all will have a great time, and certainly wish it was in my power to attend. I have not been to Rose Hill since the 5 Year reunion. I work as an Assistant Manager for the Stride Rite Shoe Chain in Park City. In retail sales it is forbidden to get off on holidays. The week prior and after are blacked out.

Family update. Four sons:

  1. Monte Dave (50 on September 30).
  2. Martin Craig, passed October 9, 2003.
  3. Mitchell Dean (43).
  4. Michael (38).
Six grand children, & 1 great-grand son (4 years old).

December 2006 update: Happy Holidays to the Class of 55.

Just wanted to let everyone know I left Park City last April and came back to Las Vegas, I know I've have lost my mind. My boys shamed me into the fact that I should be here as the Grandchildren are growing up and I need to spend time with the family. Starla 26, Brandon 23, Brittany 17, Trevor 13, and Great Grandson Jay 6. However I wasn't prepared for the freeways and two million people I had to share my life with. Ha!

I left the back woods of beautiful Mountains for bling bling, sky scraper condo developments that resemble New York City. I can't really get with the program. I went to work in Marshall Rousso women's shop in the Harrah's Hotel on the strip for 4 months. I couldn't take that so transferred to one of their children's shops in the Fashion Mall, still on the strip but no cigarette smoke or drunks to speak of. It's called Along Came A Spider. A very high end store with prices starting at around $75.00 and up for a two piece or often one piece outfit. I want to know what I did wrong when it came to money. I never have seen so much of it . Where oh where did it come from.

Anyway I have the good fortune for reasonably good health, and a fairly stable mind for a 70 year old bride. Just wish I could find a reasonably younger man to take care of me cause I am scared I might live longer than I can work. Ha... Not much chance of that. I hope that you all are having a good holiday season and have a great New Year with good friends and health. Love to all, Marilyn. Same address, same phone #, cause I haven't decided to stay here or go back to Utah.

June 2008 update: Well, I have done it. I know I have lost my mind. I quit my job at the Venetian (Shoooz) a lady's shoe store for the same company I have worked for the past (almost ) two years. The price of gas, the long hectic freeway travel every day and I just felt I had all I could take and keep my good health and life.

I am hoping that in the worst economy that Vegas has seen since the early 80's that I will find another job. Ha. I have only been off 3 days, and I am feeling guilty not going to work.

I so enjoyed Richard and his wife's visit! Rich walked into the shoe store and I recognized him like it was 1955. He certainly has not aged as much as I was expecting. What a delightful couple, they were so polite while I raved on at dinner. Ha... I wish everyone a happy July 4th and constant gooooood health as that is the only thing we need at this age for peace and happiness. What do you think of the election? Sure would like to have a conversation with Coach know what he has to say. What an influence he had on my and many other young peoples lives. If you know where he is or if he is still alive I would like to thank him.

Love you all, Marilyn V.
  • Marilyn and Richard in 2008.
  • Rich and Marilyn.
February 10, 2016 Update:
Marilyn's brother, Byron Barr, passed away on January 4, 2016. Byron's family told Marion Futhey that Marilyn has Alzheimer's and is in an institution in Nevada.
Marilyn passed away in March 2016.