Rose Hill Class of 1955 Rose Hill, Kansas

Mary Ann (Jones) Rogers

July 24, 1937 - April 21, 2011

Married November l955 to D. D. Haynes, divorced in December l965. Two children:

  1. Donald Allan Haynes D.V.M., Owner and Dr., Deming Animal Clinic, Deming, NM; Wife: Brenda.
  2. Mary Janette (Haynes) Blaney, Owner and Operator, Trade Winds Club, Wichita, KS. Husband: Phillip L. Blaney, employed at Boeing. Three Children: Cale E. Blaney, Danielle M. Blaney, and Christopher R. Blaney.

My occupations have included PBX operator, secretary, Boeing (personnel escort), bookkeeper, bartender, general flunky and of course, first, last, and always, Mother. Office manager at Kime Plumbing Company, 1964 until l976. Owner and operator of Trade Winds Club, l967 until 1996. Owner and operator of B & W Restaurant, l980 until 1988.

Hobbies in the past have included bowling, scuba diving and spending time at our cabin.

Married the man of my dreams, Raymond F. Rogers, in 1990. We met in the summer of l983 and have not been apart for any length of time since we met. I was forced to retire from being actively employed in 1989 after three back surgeries. Ray retired in 1992 after 30 years of service with Rainbow Baking Company as Route Salesman. We own a strip mall on south Hydraulic which houses 6 rental spaces, one of which is The Trade Winds. That keeps us occupied more than we would like to be.

Ray came to me complete with two children and three grandchildren.

  1. Son: Raymond Scott Rogers, Employed at Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. Wife: Michelle, a Registered Nurse. Their son: Ray Michael Rogers.
  2. Daughter: Pamela Rae (Rogers) Boone, Husband: Brad Boone, Co-owners of Tulsa Insulation Company in Bixby, OK. Son: Kenneth Ray Deere, Employed at Boeing, and daughter: Kimberly Renea Deere, Homemaker.
As of April 2005 we have four great-grandchildren with one due in May and another due in June; so summer will see us with six great-grandchildren! Another milestone and another chapter in this great and wonderful life of mine!

  • Ray and Mary on a good day.
  • At Reunion 2005
May 26, 2008 Update: Ray is not at all well. The Dr. told us that he is in the end stages of the emphysema and he spends a lot of time in bed. He will hardly go out the door. I don't know if I can get him to go to his Daughters this summer, but I will try. However, I may not find a time when I feel up to getting us there.

The last time I had lung cancer I took the Cyberknife. That has been a year and a half ago. The Cyberknife went well at the time, and the cancer is dead (to my knowledge), but the radiation about burned my lungs up. I had no trouble for about 8 months after the treatments and then started having severe pain in my chest, starting in the center of my chest and running upward across the topside of my left breast and into the armpit and down the arm. I waited a couple of days but kept getting worse so called the cancer center and of course they sent me on to the emergency room, which is why I hadn't called sooner. Naturally it was the emergency of the moment and I went off to all the heart attack stuff. They didn't find anything wrong there so decided I had something with a long name, which I can't remember and it means pleurisy. I called the cancer center and was able to get in real soon. They decided it was caused by the radiation and there is nothing that can be done except hope it goes away some day and until that time I can live in pain. I use pain medication to control that and rest when I can. They told me at the time that the lungs and the cancer were shriveling up and pulling on the lining of my chest and causing the pain. The doctors won't give a timetable, but one of them assured me it wouldn't last over 30 years. I felt a lot of comfort after talking to him.

I had the opportunity to go back to Boulder, CO for this treatment and sure wish I had picked that choice. This Cyberknife, here in Wichita, was brand new and I was either the first or the second lung patient they had treated. I hope the rest of their lung patients are fairing better. I may not make it 30 years (surprise!!) but am not planning anything drastic at the moment.
April 20, 2011: Mary Ann (Jones) Rogers lost her battle with cancer this morning. Her obituary is here,.(Pdf version). She was loved by all who knew her and will be missed beyond description.
August 31, 2012: Mary's husband, Ray Rogers, died Wednesday, August 29, at the age of 77. A copy of his obituary is located here.