Rose Hill Class of 1955 Rose Hill, Kansas

Wayne Bacon

February 24, 1936 - March 17, 2016

After graduation, Wayne went to work at Cessna Aircraft. In May 1957, he married Sharon Harrison, and they lived in Wichita, until he took another job and moved to Newton. (The job was not what it was cracked up to be, so they moved back to Wichita.) He did numerous things, until he finally got back into the aircraft industry. The majority of his working years was spent at Cessna, working as a flight line mechanic. While at Cessna, Wayne spent many years coaching both the boys and girls in baseball and slow pitch. This was something that he really enjoyed and of course, his own kids played on his teams.

His son Tim was born in January 1959, and daughter Tamra, was born in February 1966.

In 1974, Wayne was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, but was able to continue working until 1983. At that time he left Cessna and since has not been able to work. His activities were quite limited. Until 1995, he was at least able to get out to go for coffee with the neighbor guys, mow the yard on his riding mower, or tinker around outside.

In April 1995, he was diagnosed with cancer. Three months later, on an extremely hot July 8, Sharon returned home from work at noon, to find Wayne unconscious in the back yard. He had been mowing the yard earlier that morning. No one was certain what had happened. At first, it was thought that he had suffered a heat stroke, since the temperature was 107 degrees when he was found. He actually had suffered a massive heart attack, and three months later after his legs had healed from the second and third degree burns, he had bypass surgery, in which five bypasses were done. (No, he wasn't wearing shorts! He had on his jeans and boots.)

Since that time, he has pretty much been confined to home. He has a "Senior Companion" that stays with him four hours a day. They watch TV, and play dominos, or just visit.

As for grandchildren, there is only one grandson, Tanner Allen Black. He was born in 1997, and lives in San Antonio, Texas. Unfortunately, Wayne and Sharon don't get to see him very often.
Tanner and Wayne

Tanner & Grandpa Wayne, October 1999.

Wayne and his sisters.

Wayne's sisters visited him in early March, 2016.
Left to right: Juanita Wiseman, Karen Brown and Lou Fowler

Wayne passed away on March 17, 2016, at age 80. His obituary was published in the Wichita Eagle (pdf file).

His Funeral Service on Tuesday, March 22, was attended by classmates Dick Albright, Don Davis, Marion Futhey, Richard Pearson, James Walton, Juanita Wiseman, and Larry Young.

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